Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Goliath

Perhaps one of the strangest collections you will ever see.
Space Farms is truly an American roadside attraction.
Goliath, one of the largest Kodiak bears in captivity, 
now graces the entrance hall as a twelve foot centerpiece.
Both a zoo and museum, this place is endlessly fascinating.
Space Farms houses the most eclectic and unusual exhibits: 
a menagerie of wild animals, taxidermy, antique cars, farm equipment, 
rifles, and the curious ephemera of the Space family.


GUGAW said...

eeek that much taxidermy is a bit creepy but the photo is pretty cool!

holly aka golly said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting. It is a bit odd and the displays are very homegrown. Nevertheless, it is intriguing.

Laura said...

thanks for this little slice of americana, holly. it looks very intriguing indeed!

holly aka golly said...

Hi Laura! I'll have more pictures in the coming days.

JessicaLeighLaLou said...

That looks interesting! Slightly creepy, but still interesting. :) hehe.

Inside Scoop said...

Hi Holly:
Sorry we missed you, Chuck and Goliath and sorry I didn't get to chat on the phone with you either. Come visit Ohio....maybe there's an Ohio Goliath. Take care, Dan

holly aka golly said...

Jessica, it's so campy. They have the zoo cafeteria in full view of the taxidermy collection.

Dan, so sorry we missed you! Until next summer...