Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sometimes I just cut paintings up.

Hunting for direction.


Laura said...

i do the same thing and would be happy to get a result as beautiful as this. just lovely. thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

happy hunting :)
I just love your work - I know I said it before - oh well :)

jessicatanady said...

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GooD Day

Jessica Tanady

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holly aka golly said...

Laura, I have piles of work that I cut up. Most of it lands in the bin, sadly. Sometimes I hold onto pieces for years. Thank you for visiting!

Kimmie, Thank you for your encouragement. I'll keep working on it. Always so nice of you to visit!

Jessica, Welcome. Sometimes it is just fun to play with the pieces. We'll see what happens!

Rynke said...

Lovely, I like it a lot!

GUGAW said...

ooh i like it, really pretty

holly aka golly said...

Rynke, Claire, Thank you! I love this wolf. Sadly, he's been abandoned for a few days, much like this blog!