Saturday, October 3, 2009


A large tree stump.

Slowly burning.

The patterns and swirls in the wood
are fascinating.


pRiyA said...

a work of art by itself

Hajnalka Cserháti, Ojni said...

Yes it's tru, it's wonderful, but poor tree! :(

holly aka golly said...

Hi Priya, Ojni, Tragic and beautiful. Always sad to loose a tree. It has been a stump for a long time, though. Notice that all of the bark is missing.

Mozzy said...

Trees are works of art. Here's a link to some tree poetry:

Anonymous said...


by Jane Hirshfield

Within this tree
another tree
inhabits the same body;
within this stone
another stone rests,
its many shades of grey
the same,
its identical
surface and weight.
And within my body,
another body,
whose history, waiting,
sings; there is no other body,
it sings,
there is no other world.

cindy shake said...

Just in time for Halloween -it's kind of spooky!