Monday, May 24, 2010


I find it fascinating that some birds,
like cowbirds, don't build their own nest.
Instead they lay eggs in the nests of other birds that
will hopefully foster and feed their young.


RosaMarĂ­a said...

ohh this is wonderful!" i love all your nest!!

blue china studio happy said...

Love these brown spotted eggs!

krys kirkpatrick said...

We have a nest right outside our door. They are so cute, right now learning to fly. We love watching them. Not quite sure what kind of bird, but they are little, and chirp a lot!

holly aka golly said...

RosaMaria, Jacilyn, you are too kind!

Krys, Itsn't it so exciting to see the little birds grow?

Laura said...

exquisite painting! when i first learned about cowbirds i couldn't believe it. such cheeky birds:)

spread your wings said...

: )
and I think it's amazing that those other birds will care for the cowbirds as if they were their own.
(my brother is watching yet another nest of robins that just hatched.)

Walter Helena Photography said...

Thank you for creating such a lovely space : )

I’d like to invite you to win a piece of my fine art through a giveaway on my blog.

I wish you all my best.


holly aka golly said...

Laura, they are cheeky aren't they?

Spread your wings, I truly enjoy your photographs - watching the birds is better than TV!

Walter Helena, thanks for stopping by. I will certainly check out your giveaway!