Monday, March 25, 2013

My Cottage Garden | Spring

my cottage garden | spring
Snow in early spring!  

my cottage garden | spring
Alas, we must wait just a bit longer. 

my cottage garden | spring
The poor flowers don't know what to do.


annamaria said...

But it looks so beautiful in it's 'wintery' attire!

Anonymous said...

do the buds fall off the branches when it's so cold? or can they endure through it until a thaw?

holly aka golly said...

Luckily the snow melted today and the spring flowers are just fine! I'm not sure if they would survive a prolonged cold snap.

The Red Berry said...

Do not worry about your flowers. They will be fine even with cold, ice or snow.
Last week, we have had snow (unexpected in the Paris region at this time of year) and the narcissus already blooming have their heads on the ground. i thought they were ruined. They look perfect by now, blooming and making me happy.
Have a nice week.

Keep creating. Helene

holly aka golly said...

Helene: I'm imagining the streets of Paris in bloom! Such an enchanting city!