Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exhibition | Enormous Tiny Art

Enormous Tiny Art Show 10
So pleased to be a part of this amazing extravaganza of tiny art!
I painted a collection of keyholes for the occasion. You can see them here.
I will not be able to attend the reception, however do stop by if you are in the area!


Specter said...

Congrats Gollybard. Hope it is a big success!

helicopter6 said...

Congratulations - so well deserved!

Sweet Mess said...

Congrats on being part of such a lovely line up of talent!

holly aka golly said...

Thanks all! Such an amazing roster of artists. I'm thrilled to be included.

naomi orana said...

The keyholes are beautiful!


We Blog Artists said...

Oh what a great opportunity...there are some amazing artists in that fit in perfectly!
LOVE the key hole's you've created.

Want to come play "Craft it Forward?" over at my blog?


moobear said...

Congratulations to a tiny artist with enormous talent!