Friday, February 1, 2013

Bird Buffet

birdie buffet
bird tracks IV
I'm ready for the weekend, are you? The weather has been so fitful this week.
We started with a bit of snow, then a deluge of rain, cold winds and more snow again today.
The birds have been thoroughly enjoying their buffet in this ever changing mix of weather. 
They've been my entertainment all week. We've had oodles of cardinals and goldfinches, 
dark eyed juncos, tufted titmice, wrens, sparrows, black-capped chickadees 
nuthatches and assorted woodpeckers. Their tiny tracks in the snow are precious.


Paper And Ponder said...

I enjoy observing similar backyard visitors, but we don't have the pretty backdrop of the snow or the beautiful red cardinal. What fun it must be to watch your "bird buffet!"

Anonymous said...

Oh! I guess our Western birds are just as interesting, but your Eastern birds seem so exotic to me! Love that you noticed how precious their footprints are! I agree!

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are to have these beautiful red birds named cardinals. In france we have none.
It is always a pleasure to watch birds feeding from my window.

holly aka golly said...

I just love peeking out the window to see who has come to visit. They all have such personalities! Yes, the cardinals are such majestic birds and we are lucky to have them.

Elizabeth said...

Don't the squirrels get the bird food when it's on the table? I have such a hard time placing bird feeders, the squirrels come up with ingenious ways of getting to the food.

rrARTz said...

how lucky you are to have such wonderful things to see out your window!

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

Was out and about running errands today and picked up Artful Blogging. Delighted to see you in there. Congratulations! Love your artwork and your blog.

Vickie said...

watching birds is such a fun past time. love the prints in the snow - that would make a very interesting texture

holly aka golly said...

Elizabeth: I usually hang the feeders to keep unwanted critters away. The one on the table is broken, so I wasn't able to and I don't have a platform feeder, so I just used a saucer and it seems to work. The birds love it and clean their plate every day, so the squirrels haven't been a problem...YET.