Monday, February 25, 2013

Down and Out

down and out - downton abbey cookies
Downton Abbey devotees have been sulking here in the US for over a week, 
much like our friends across the pond, with the astonishing end to season three. 
My mother cheered us up with these delightful sugar cookies from her local bakery, Le Bakers Dozen.
I ate them all in a momentary lapse of reason and now I feel even worse! 
Have you been watching this riveting Masterpiece Classic?


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Holly those cookies are darling, especially the castle, did you save it for last?
Yes, here I've been drinking more tea than ever, and watching season three again from the beginning to see if I missed some clue. Oh, and to linger over all the details I missed!

annamaria potamiti said...

Through wrong timing etc, I have missed season three even though I adore the series. Now, I am afraid to watch!..
Adorable cookies! XX

Elizabeth said...

I love the series and was devastated at the ending! I didn't see it coming at all. Apparently the actor who plays Matthew had wanted to leave for awhile so people who follow the show closely were not surprised. The loss of two main characters in one season is too much!

Anonymous said...

I watched the first and second season here on french tv. Unfortunately, this beautiful historical series does not seem to please to the directors of channels because the series disapeared of the screen. Well, one day or another it will be broadcast again !
The cookies are so pretty and look delicious.
Have a nice day. Helene

holly aka golly said...

Julie: Order of eating: ladies maid, dowton, highclere castle, teapot. :)

Annamaria: You still have to watch it! Don't be alarmed!

Elizabeth: I was blissfully ignorant of the scuttlebutt surrounding Matthew Crawley! Knowing that the season airs earlier in the UK, I closed my eyes and ears, wanting to be surprised and boy was I ever!

The Red Berry: Oh, that's terrible. Can you rent the DVD?

Jess said...

Oh yes indeedy. There will be more to come I believe and I for one am really looking forward to that!xx

donna baker said...

All three seasons in January alone. I am going through withdrawals. I have always been a Masterpiece Theater fan so I'll find some more shows to watch.

holly aka golly said...

Jess: I just can't imagine what will happen next.

Donna: Yes, after a three season marathon I can only imagine your pangs. I suggest cranford or the forsyte saga or great expectations to see you through. :)

Catharine said...

I have gone into withdrawal !
Sunday nights are not the same. Maybe I'll get more painting done? Love your work.

holly aka golly said...

Catharine: Yes, more time to paint!

Carol said...

I love Downton Abbey! A British woman on vacation spoiled the ending for me, then asked if I had seen the last show yet, I had not. :(
The end was still a shocker.

holly aka golly said...

Carol: Oh, that's the worst! Of course, I have probably spoiled it for those who haven't seen the ending too! My apologies all! :(