Saturday, January 31, 2009


Don't let the turkeys bring you down.
Some days are for the birds, quite literally.
Vultures are roosting in the pine trees near my house.
There are at least fifty of them. Maybe sixty. 
They arrive like clockwork every evening from November until March.
I feel like I am in a Hitchcock film.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jar of Luck

It was my good fortune to discover the music of Damon Gough, 
AKA Badly Drawn Boy, several years ago. 
He is perhaps the most brilliant song writer alive today. 
I really have no idea what his music is about, 
but his fascinating lyrics conjure up all kinds of images for me. 
To be sure, Badly Drawn Boy is an acquired taste. 
One of my favorite songs from One Plus One Is One is Four Leaf Clover
It's a sad little ditty, but hopeful too.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Peasant Food

I'm a movie soundtrack junkie. 
Today I have been listening to Everything Is Illuminated
which is a fabulous movie by the way.
I love the music of Gogol Bordello and Csokolom
 It makes me think of my husband who always has his nose 
buried in a book about Russian history.
 No novels for him. His world is cold borscht and gulags. 
When I told him I was drinking hot water with lemon to keep warm, 
he aptly named my drink a gulag americano.
I can do without the gulags, but I love the beets.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Devil's Horse

Take a look at these lovely lures. 
Some new. Some vintage. Some handmade. Some antique.
 It's quite an assortment and I'm hooked! 
I borrowed them from my father and  I can't wait to start painting them. 
They are so colorful and each has its own personality and character. 
They have such silly names too: 
Jitterbug, Devil's Horse, Hula Popper, Lucky 13.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

About Golly Bard

Who Is Golly Bard?

My name is Holly Ward Bimba. I'm the artist behind Golly Bard. In case you are wondering, Golly Bard is a nonsense name. We are a family that is just crazy about nicknames. Golly Bard is one of many that my family has given me over the years! I'm just a regular girl with a slightly quirky style. I love to paint, draw, wander in the woods and dig in my garden. I live in the tiny rural village of Upperville, Virginia with my dear husband, Chuck and our dogs, Ladybird and Cowboy.

I truly appreciate your visit. Do drop by again!