Sunday, January 20, 2019

Au Revoir

Ah, friends, it has been too long and I hope you are well!
I've had an interesting year filled with new discoveries, adventures,
a bit of sadness - but such is life and I'm better for it.
I do think it's time to retire this blog space, Golly Bard's Drawing Room,
 but it holds so many fond memories and I can't bear to completely abandon it.
So, it will remain as an archive for the foreseeable future
and you can find me on instagram, facebook, pinterest, and if you so choose, 
subscribe to my NEWSLETTER on my website for the latest news from 
my studio and my garden. I will share new paintings, shop updates,
special sales, and all that kind of goodness! 
Thank you all for being here for me all these years. 
It's been a dream. Au revoir.
xo, Holly