Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Morning Crack

I am a morning person. It's my most productive time. 
I like to work for a couple of hours and then take a break 
for my greatest morning indulgence: 
A double espresso and an hour of mindless breakfast television.
Espresso is undoubtedly an addiction of mine. I call it my morning crack.
Somehow it seems more civilized when sipped from a 
beautiful china cup designed by Christian Tortu.


Anonymous said...

Very nice china, you are obviously a woman of exquisite taste!

Clark Reid said...

Hey Holly,
I LOVE your work- you're fantastic!
I was digging around in an attempt to identify a plant in my garden on basis of the seed pod and your work came up in Google images.
Was my luckiest find this week!
Anyways, that's my message, I'm your latest fan! Keep up the great work!

Take good care,