Friday, April 24, 2009

Now and Then

This painting is called Show Me Your Heart. It seems apropos of this day. 
Today my dear husband and I celebrate a milestone anniversary: 
Ten years! It's hard to believe. It seems impossible. 
We actually met in 1989! Now that is really crazy. 
The time has gone by so quickly. It was the most 
beautiful spring day for our wedding! 

Feeling a bit nostalgic.  I have  been looking at 
old photographs and paintings that I made ten years ago. 
I have always made self portraits. This painting is called Mini Me. 

At the time, I cut up a lot of paintings that did not work. 
I stitched them back together with waxed thread. 
A little patchwork of paper. 

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Anonymous said...

beautiful message and lovely pieces!