Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cactus Specimen

This past week I was in Sedona, Arizona making paper.
The desert landscape is so different, so unique.
Prickly Pear Cactus abound.

 A fellow artist decided to boil dried cactus specimen in soda ash,
a process we use to cook and soften bark fiber for papermaking.
He wanted to see what would happen to them.

The tough skins and thorns of the cactus washed away.
These beautiful, structural remains were left.
Veins, pathways, almost skeletal.

I was so enamored with them.
They looked like giant wings. Cactus wings.
I made a dragonfly.


annamaria potamiti said...

I love that dragonfly!
Looks like you had a lot of fun-
Love your work -
Take care,

Iris Schwarz / Paulette Edition said...

Gorgeous Holly! This looks like you passed a real interesting and great time. I love the desert – endlessness and reduction. Have a good week!

holly aka golly said...

Hello Annamaria and Iris! I did have a lot of fun. The desert is so vast and Sedona has the most beautiful rock formations and canyons. I was so inspired by the patterns looking down from the airplane -both manmade and natural. Fascinating.

Hajnalka Cserháti, Ojni said...

What a miracle! The nature is wonderful! But I musn't to say it to you... :))

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful and intricate!

holly aka golly said...

Thanks for stopping by Suana! Hope you are having a great summer!