Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friendly Ghosts

Meet my neighbors. They are friendly ghosts.

They lived a long time ago; they are all from the 1800's.

It is a tiny country cemetery. 
Two small rows of graves flank each side of the churchyard.
I look out on them every day. 

Clarence always tugs at my heart.
The epitaph is so familiar.
Our Elwood.


caroline/oh chalet! said...

you always come up with posts that seem so absolutely perfect for the season - so fun! :) happy halloween!

Laura said...

"our elwood" gulp. thanks for sharing this, holly.

holly aka golly said...

I look at these graves every day and sometimes imagine the people. They seem rather peaceful. "Our Elwood", if you look at the dates, was a child.

Vivi said...

You have such a eye for the poetic in the familiar. "Our Elwood" teared me up a bit.