Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow and Mist

I just returned from Sedona. It was unusually rainy.
A little dusting of snow and mist on the peaks.
Such spectacular views!

While the change in scenery was great, I am so happy to be home.
Thank you all for posting such great comments for my giveaway.
I was thoroughly entertained!
Click HERE to see who won the keyhole painting!


denise nestor said...

Congrats Lauren! :)

Sedona looks amazing.

holly aka golly said...

Denise, it is a very unusual place. So unlike the landscape here on the east coast. The views are stunning- even when the sky is grey!

Laura said...

sedona looks like a different planet to me. a total change!

holly aka golly said...

Laura, It is like a different planet in many ways!

Unknown said...

wow-- the rocks look gorgeous in the misty weather-- lovely lovely... :)