Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Giveaway | Daydream

I'm having a summertime giveaway!
This delightful little watercolor bird study could be yours!
Simply leave a message and a way to contact you by Tuesday, July 6th 
Any book recommendations for summer reading are
greatly appreciated! I will pick a name out of a hat and 
announce the winner next Wednesday!
And the winner is . . . 
Ellen November


Felicity said...

Hi Holly,
It's an exciting thing to be in the running to own a piece of your artwork.
As for the summer reads, here are a few suggestions:
For something light & lovely - Nicole Mones: The Last Chinese Chef [or anything by Nicole actually];
To be placed in a harbourside village in Australia: Susan Duncan: Salvation Creek
To transport yourself into the world of the circus - Sara Gruen: Water For Elephants....
an eclectic mix but light and easy for summer.
x Felicity

holly aka golly said...

Felicity, Salvation Creek - I have not read - the others were both fantastic! Thanks!

Caitlin said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win a beautiful piece of artwork.

As for summer reading, I'm not sure what you like, but I have always enjoyed anything written by Malcolm Gladwell, such as The Tipping Point.

I am also having a giveaway, if you are interested in entering :)

Thanks for sharing your paintings with us, I always enjoy seeing what you have been working on. Lovely, as always :)


Beth Stone said...

Hi Holly,
Thanks for the giveaway - I'd love to win!
This year I've been reading (or attempting to read) the complete works of Charles Dickens. He's actually quite hilarious if you can overlook the length! Other great reads would be the Scotland Street series by Alexander McCall Smith, anything by P.G. Wodehouse, or the Mitford series by Jan Karon.

Anonymous said...

have you read The Meadow by James Galvin?
It's been a while since I read it, but it has stayed with me.
One of my favorite books is by Colette. It's Sido's Garden, well now that I write that, The Vagabond is too!

RosaMaría said...

oh this is great! many thanks for the oportunity, I hope be lucky!

summer reading? how about "la sombra del viento" of Carlos Ruiz Zafón is so great! and you can found it in english :)

holly aka golly said...

Thank you all! These are great suggestions!

Marchi Wierson said...

Hi holly. I agree with felicity. I liked the Last Chinese Chef too. It made me hungry for a food adventure. A book of short stories I really like is called Brief Encounters with Che Guevara.

Thanks for the giveaway chance!!!

Škorčica said...

Oh, this is so great! Do count me in, please! :)

About books - here are my suggestions:
- The Late Mattia Pascal (Luigi Pirandello)
- Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)
- The Death Ship (Bruno Traven)
- The Legend of 1900 (Alessandro Baricco)

There are so many more, but these were the first ones to think about at the moment and I liked them all so much.

I wish I could recomend you some Slovenian books, but not many is translated in other languages unfortunately. One of them which is translated is:

- Alamut (Vladimir Bartol) - I haven't read it yet, but wanting for some time, because everybody says it's good.

Ok, stop writing! :)

Have a nice day!

Pat said...

Please count me in on the giveaway! I'm sorry I don't have any summer reading advice--I like to spend the time when I'm not working either painting or making art. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything...

Courtney said...

Hi Holly, what a lovely little bird! I just recently finished John Muir's "My First Summer in the Sierra" and really enjoyed it. His enthusiasm for the natural world is both inspiring and humbling.

Maren said...

HI Holly,

count me in,

Geninne said...

Hurray!!! I want!!!
I just got a book called: "With Love, Artists' Letters & Illustrated Notes" by Liza Kirwin and it's fascinating! A really, really beautiful book.

blue china studio happy said...

Hi Holly,

I'm so excited to have a chance at winning one of your works! Thank you.

I just read The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith which I really enjoyed and have also discovered it is a series.Can't wait to read the others.

And I also read the The Outlander by Gil Adamson that was also pretty good.

I'm going to have to check out some of these others people have mentioned. I LOVE to read!


Elizabeth said...

Dear Holly:
Have you read "The Underpainter" by Jane Urquhart? or Brenda Ueland's book, "If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit" ? or Annie Lamott's book, "Bird by Bird, Some Instructions on Writing and Life"? Although the last are written with writing in mind they are both applicable to the applied arts and artists.
Your work is always inspiring, always interesting, always poignant!
Best wishes and happy reading,
PS - thanks for doing a "giveaway!!"

Gina Marie Dunn said...

It would be wonderful to own this little print, thank you! Here's my rec: We Thought You Would Be Prettier, by Laurie Notaro. Laughed so hard I cried, and I'm not really a cry-er. :)

We Blog Artists said...

YAY...this must be my LUCKY day...I do I do...feel really REALLY lucky...
So...if you haven't read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalen's a MUSt...and if you had, I love Memoirs of a Geisha. excited!!!

Nicole said...

Beautiful Piece! I've been enjoying books by Susan Vreeland. They're art historical fiction!

Shelia Day said...

I am putting together a wall of vintage-style art, and your little bird would look amazing on it.

My reading recommendation would be Crazy Loco by David Rice and Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros. Both are a collection of short stories from Texas writers.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win one of your magnificent artworks.

I would recommend anything from José Saramago, a Portuguese writer, controversial who recently passed away.
He was also a Nobel but that is a small and insignificant part amongst his bright and genius words.

Unknown said...

thanks for the chance to win - your work is so lovely!

summer reading i have loved:
the summer book by tove jansson
happy all the time by laurie colwin
and for thrills: the kurt wallander series

happy reading :)


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

hello Holly :)
first I must thank you for hosting such a nice & generous giveaway. I want to recommend you a French author, I know he has been translated in English. You might enjoy his books. His name is Philippe Delerm, and some of my favorites by him are : The Small Pleasures of Life, Sundborn ... he is really great. Makes me think of grabbing one of his books & read it again this summer ! :)
Off to check Geninne's recommandation, it sounds like bliss !
xoxo thanks again !

Jan J. said...

I don't think my comment went through, but it's slightly possible this is a double! (It said Internet page not found when I sent it.)

Love your work - thank you for the giveaway! I love the delicate lines and symmetry and nature themes. Reading "My Life in France" by Julia Child and Paul Prudhome and rereading some old Dean Koontz page-turners - Strangers, Lightning, Watchers. Not normally my style as I like just good old mysteries but he is such a good writer, at least on his earlier things.

Kiran Ravilious said...

This is the first time I've entered a giveaway - doing so now, simply because I love your work!

I haven't had the chance to read recently, but if you haven't already read it, I really enjoyed The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier.

holly aka golly said...

Such a wonderful reading list - one that will possibly take me into next year! I love your suggestions!

Dreaming Woods said...

i would like to join in this giveaways also.

Tove Jansson summer book is lovely and Flora Thompson's Lark Rise To Candleford and Charles de Lint's The Wild Wood

Camila F. said...

Oh, what a pretty study, I'd love to win.

I've been reading 'Conversations with Woody Allen' by Eric Lax, and I'm loving it!

Jessica C said...

Love the artwork!

I just finished (in 3 days time) and would emphatically recommend Still Alice by Lisa Genova. It was fantastic and touching.

katherine meiller said...

Love this little bird!
This caught my eye for MY summer reading... Jennifer Egan, "A visit from the Goon Squad" --- intoxicating writing's a preview:

sweet feed said...

Oh my, I love this painting and would be thrilled to win it.

I've declared that this is going to be the summer I read Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy. Let's hope my arms are up to the challenge.

Laura said...

count me in! i like a good mystery during the summer- right now i am reading all of those by josephine tey:)

Patricia said...

Golly, I sure hope I win, Holly!

Your work is stunning and I loved reading your interview on Etsy.

As for summer reading, I'm going to pass along the name of the book that I just bought to kick off my own summer reading: "The Three Weissmans of Westport," by Cathleen Schine. It's supposed to be a contemporary reimagining of "Sense and Sensibility" and I can't wait to dive into it. The other book in my queue that I'm very eager to read is "Fifth Avenue, Five A.M.," all about the filming of another Holly, Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, in "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Abigail said...

I loved Maile Meloy's new collection of short stories, "Both Ways is the only Way I want It."

"Little Bee" by Chris Cleave is quite amazing. Not a light read, though.

Amy Fichter [xenia elizabeth] said...

oh! I want that bird!!!! Love, love, love it!!!

book suggestion: Indelible Acts by A.L. Kennedy,

p.s. I just made you a contact on flickr, just discovered your work!!! my photostream:

Corynn said...

I just found you through etsy. I love your work! Thanks for the giveaway!

Suki Allen said...

I just finished "Pigeons," a very interesting book about pigeons through history. The raising, the racing and the misconceptions. Pigeons and Doves...same animal, just saying!

vivienne strauss said...

Wow, I've enjoyed all the reading recommendations! I'm reading The Talented Miss Highsmith by Joan Schenkar. I saw that someone else had mentioned The Talented Mr. Ripley series which was excellent but I can't praise the power of her shorts stories enough! I would love to have one of your wonderful paintings in my possession :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece of art! I love all your paintings and your blog. Thank you for sharing. Loved the spiders!
A book I really enjoyed was The Household Guide to Dying by Debra Adelaide. I thought about it for weeks after.

Vivi said...

I've been waiting for a giveaway from you FOREVER.
Okay, summer reads (in terms of what I'm reading/have read):
- "Elegance of a Hedgehog" (just read and cried my face off)
- "The Children's Book" by A. S. Byatt (finally got around to it and I'm loving it already)
And on deck is "Happens Every Day" which is a light read, but I've heard great things about...

Carol said...

Ooooh, I'm keeping my fingers crossed & hope I win!
My favorite book: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
Also: The Help by Katherine Stockett,The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society, Gargoyle & all of the Ladies #1 Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith.
Happy reading!

ZIZO label said...

A nice book for summer is any issue of Joanne Harris, writer of Chocolate (made into movie with Johnny Depp). Enjoy!

bijoux niki said...

bellissimo! i tuoi disegni sono meravigliosiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....!!!!
your watercolor drawings are wonderful!!! I'm your fans!!!
un libro?
é un pò particolare ma mi è piaciuto molto: "AFRODITE" di isabel allende.
"11 MINUTI" di paulo coelho

Anonymous said...

Lovely art!

Since I can't get away myself this summer, I'm reading long walk books. Right now it's Alan Booth's "Looking for the Lost," about several of his by-foot-only trips through Japan. His "The Roads to Sata," about walking from one end of Japan to the other, is also terrific.

Lovely World said...

Thank you so much for the chance. I would recommend any books of poems by Mary Oliver or Stanely Kunitz. They both illuminate the natural world and the human soul in profound ways.
X Maribeth (

Katie Green said...

Thanks Holly for the opportunity to win some of your beautiful work!

As for book recommendations, I am currently reading 'After The Fire, A Still Small Voice' by Evie Wyld which I'm very much enjoying.

Another one of my favourite summer books is 'Stargirl' by Jerry Spinelli. Its a teenage book so very easy and quick to read, but there is a lot in there to speak to grown-ups too.

Katie :)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hello Holls put me in the chapeau (hope it's a big one!)

I suggest you should read 'Too many Magpies' by Elizabeth Baines for 3 reasons
1) It's a very good read
2) It has a beautiful cover
3) It's published by 'Salt' who are fantastic innovative and adventurous publishers who encourage promote and publish many writers, particularly of poetry, who might otherwise not be published, despite their talent. Salt for all their briliance are struggling and every book bought is vital.

Too many Magpies is a short novel, if you like poetry Sian Hughes' 'The Missing'(also from Salt) has an equally beautiful cover and is a powerfully moving collection of poems.

Ps. I don't work for salt or anything, I just love good boks and good publishers!!

Loving your pic, hopes I winno!
Pip pip!

Heather said...

Hi Holly,

I'm just finishing up East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I'd like to read Of Mice and Men next.

A couple of my past favorite reads were, The Awakening by Kate Chopin and Observatory Mansions by Edward Carey, It's really odd and unique.


Unknown said...

recent books I've enjoyed:
Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson
Raven Stole the Moon by Garth Stein
but my all time favorite recent book is
The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa

p.s. I hope I win :)

whichcraft? said...

What a fantastic idea! Well your work has been so inspiring to me that im happy to have the opportunity to inspire you too! My first recommendation is Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature. It is the sort of book I plan on keeping close by for the rest of my days. Secondly, I reccomend One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. So dreamy! My last suggestion would by Touching Wings Touching Wild by Ronnie James. She has written a memoir detailing her experiences running a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center. An intimate peek into the lives of our furred and feathered neighbors. I cried several times reading it! Enjoy your summer! Brook

whichcraft? said...

What a fantastic idea! My suggested reading to you would be Touching Wings Touching Wild by Ronnie James. A memoir of Ronnie's life as the soul operator of a wildlife rescue and rehab facility. It's filled with many great accounts of our furred and feathered neighbors, touching and inspiring. I also reccomend always keeping a copy of Emerson's Nature by the bed to fill your head with wonderful thoughts before drifting off to sleep! Lastly, I would like to include One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Absolutely dreamy! Happy summer reading to you and thank you for all the inspiration. Brook

Paula Sepulveda said...

Wow..thank you for the opportunity to win a piece of your fantastic work.

And I just got for this summer time, a book from Isabel Allende "Ines of my soul" I love her books, I totally recommend it :-)

Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly, I enjoyed reading your interview on Etsy. Your art and creative process is inspirational! Recommended reading: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.

Enjoy your summer! Nicole E

Unknown said...

Happy 4th Holly! Planning to read Chris Anderson's new book called Free- more on internet and commerce also have read The Long Tail.

Ellen November said...

You are one of my favorite flickr friends. Your work is fresh and charming.
Hope you're having a great weekend!
Ellen N.

Mimi said...

What fun! So glad that you asked for reading suggestions - you have supplied us all with so many new and fresh ideas.

Thank you so much for the beautiful "fanciful flying creature collection". Once framed they will be making their way to a special little boys room.

Your bird is just adorable - I know that it will find a good home.

Have a wonderful summer!

pRiyA said...

Hi Holly, I've just finished reading The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel and Pie Society. It was good.

holly aka golly said...

Thank you all for the amazing suggestions! I will be back tomorrow to announce a winner!