Monday, August 23, 2010


There's nothing like picking fresh fruit right off the tree.
It's the end of summer and peaches are in season.

Hollin Farms is a few mile from our house.
It's such a great day trip if you live Virginia or Washington, DC.
They also have lots of tomatoes, veggies and greens.

The views are spectacular.
We'll return in the fall for pumpkins and gourds.


Felicity said...

This is sensational!
We live in a place that is WAY too hot to grow anything this delicious and so our peaches come from the supermarket and more often than not look great on the outside but are a major disappointment as soon as you sink your teeth in.
What a wonderful experience to be able to pick your own.
Thank you for making my mouth water and my mind spin.
x Felicity

holly aka golly said...

Felicity: I've been eating sweet, drippy peaches all day! Our outing to Hollin Farms was so much fun! I also picked a bunch of swiss chard and tomatoes. It is hard not to get carried away!

blue china studio happy said...

Peaches are my favorite! Those looks absolutely mouth watering. We have a ton of peach orchards around my area so we get some pretty tasty ones too.