Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Golden Gate

I was in the San Francisco bay area for a few days this past week.
We were celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday!
She was truly delighted to have her family with her for the occasion.

I did have a moment to stop at the SFMOMA and 
peek at the 75th Anniversary Show.
This installation by Barry McGee was so striking!

I read this fascinating article on the SFMOMA blog about 
the conservation and installation challenges that museums 
face when dealing with contemporary art such as this piece.

And it wouldn't be a San Francisco trip without 
the scenic drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, 
climbing up the long and winding roads
to my grandmother's house.


mano said...

congratulations to your grandmothers 90.!
the installation of barry mcgee is fascinating!

Kate Kelleher said...

Wow what a great birthday to celebrate with your family! And that instillation looks really interesting.

blue china studio happy said...

I need to go the SFMOMA and check this out. And happy birthday wishes to your grandmother.

holly aka golly said...

thanks all! I hope I'm as spunky when I turn 90! Jacilyn, you should go if you have a chance!

Tat Georgieva @SmileySunday Studio said...

Love colors on the first photo!!

Unknown said...

what a great installation holly--i love barry mcgee's work--it's fabulous! i first set eyes on it here in buffalo at the alright knox art gallery at the beyond and in western ny show several years ago. i was so excited when i saw your post-- sounds like a great trip all around.

...and yes your gran must be totally inspiring!

Laura said...

what an amazing piece of art!! i love it. thank you for sharing. birthday wishes to you grandmother for a splendid year to come:)

holly aka golly said...

Smiley, I love the bold neon orange. It really pops.

Kathi, that is so neat - especially since it has been installed differently each time.

Laura, it was amazing to see and a great weekend all around.

helicopter6 said...

San Fran is such a great city. Watching the fog literally run into the bay from the heads is an extraordinary phenomena. I saw some of barry's work ages ago (it was probably in SF!!) and it's fabulous - the clustered installation of framed works and overall colour palette, compliment his quirky style. There's some really fantastic artists in SF, I always enjoy checking out the galleries when I'm there - and the SF zine fest is a goodie too. So great your grandmother had everyone close for her special day. I would certainly like to be a spunky 90 year old!

ColeAndJosephine said...

That is an AMAZING instillation!