Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vultures and Mister Darcy

One week into 2011 and sometimes a blank slate is, well, 
too much of a blank if you know what I mean.
So I've been taking walks in the woods, spying on the vultures 
who seem to taunt me with their presence each winter.

Looking around the little castle or little Pemberley, 
(our pet name for our tiny cottage), for inspiration.

Gazing into the eyes of my Mister Darcy, 
who is really Mister Waller, but does it matter?
And while I've been excessively diverted,
perhaps it is time to get back work.


Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

I love this post....somehow feel like I've been transported into another time and place! Cheers!

Felicity said...

What a charmer that Mr Darcy-sorry-Wallace is - no wonder you've been diverted!

Felicity x

Felicity said...

Oops, seems like I was mesmerised and forgot his name in my haste to write about poor Mr Waller!

x F

holly aka golly said...

Thanks Patti, Sometimes I feel like I'm in another world altogether and then reality seeps in.

Felicity, I love my Mister Darcy/Waller. He has a lady friend, Miss Elizabeth Bennett, and they live in my china cupboard, so as not to be exposed to sunlight.

Atelier Conti said...

I can see how your house brings you so much inspiration! I love your work and I see your house in it...great post! And vultures?! Never met one!

Kate Kelleher said...

Wow how cool to take a stroll and find vultures! Love your mantle, esp the mushroom and stripy Ana candles, sadly I have not seen them in London for a long time. Happy New Year!

Beth HF said...

Holly-just wanted to let you know that I had sent Dione Goyette your way for the DC Art in Hands Card project. I'm illustrating the 10 of clubs and we needed one more local artist. I thought of you and how much I enjoy your work and passed your blog along to her. I had meant to tell you that she might be getting in touch with you. I guess she had a deadline and hadn't heard back from you.
ANyway-happy new year from over the hill (Round Hill that is).
~Beth (Studio Fuller)

Beth HF said...

We have those turkey vultures too (of course). One day, I looked up and thought oh, just another turkey vulture and it was a bald eagle. I literally stopped my car on the middle of our little main street and gasped. However, turkey vultures are so territorial, they have apparently run that majestic bird out of town. Never saw him again:(

holly aka golly said...

MC, I can introduce you to some vultures. Maybe sixty. They arrive every afternoon around four o'clock ; )

Kate, I'm glad you noticed my Ana candles - I'm a slight hoarder of them and lucky for me one of our local shops carries them, but you can order online too.

Beth, Thank you so much. Sounds like a wonderful project, though I couldn't put it all together in time.
Happy New Year!