Monday, May 23, 2011

Early Morning Rain

garden gnome
Our cottage garden after an early morning rain. Everything is lush and dewy.  
I'm thinking about mixing up a moss mousse to turn our little garden gnome fuzzy and green.
To make moss grow, simply blend one part moss to four parts of yogurt or buttermilk 
and paint on your garden pottery or planter. A damp, shady spot helps too!

garden early morning II
I worked on my planters yesterday, repotting and giving them some much needed attention. 
I tend to group them by color as you might expect. I love mixing in succulents. 
They have such great colors and textures. Plus, they are hardy plants, 
which means they'll survive my absentmindedness when it comes to watering and care!


Jodi said...

Lovely idea for your gnome! I wonder if that "recipe" works if you want moss to spread on the ground, too!

hollie said...

He's a very handsome gnome. I think the green will suit him perfectly. ^_^ what is that growing in the pot in the second picture that looks like beads? is that a succulent?? i love it, whatever it is.

holly aka golly said...

jodie: give it a whirl! See what happens!

Hollie: He's a funny fellow, isn't he? The succulent is called "string of pearls" and you must get one or two!

Unknown said...

Succulents are great and I like to have more on my balcony and the string of pearls are my favorites! I couldn't find them here, but I need to, the are great.