Tuesday, June 21, 2011



thistles III

thistles V

thistles VI
Aren't these thistles spectacular? The fields are dotted with pink!
So very pretty! See a few more pictures on flickr.


Lynn Lunger said...

As much as I hate these in the garden I look forward to them in the fields. I love to see goldfinches perched in them!

holly aka golly said...

Lynn, goldfinches perched in them would be quite a sight to see!

luanne said...

Thistles are one of my favorite plant forms. Your photos are lovely!

holly aka golly said...

One of my favorites too! Thanks Luanne!

elena nuez said...

what a beautiful color!!!

wishing you a happy summer,

holly aka golly said...

Isn't that pink gorgeous, Elena?

Lynn, I saw the goldfinches on the thistles this evening! I couldn't believe it! There were several and of course I didn't have my camera. :(