Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fine Feathered Friends

harvard birds
Hello, my fine feathered friends, I'm back!
I took a marvelous day trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts while I was away.

harvard birds no. 2
I've had the book, The Rarest of the Rare, for a few years and have always wanted to visit
As you can imagine the museum was full of fine specimens and I was in heaven,
but their glass flower collection was by far the show stopper!

harvard birds no. 3
It was such fun to explore the museum and walk around Cambridge.
We finished our day with a fabulous dinner at Bergamot.
I'll post more pictures over the next few days!


luanne said...

Lucky you! Museum bird specimens and their displays are endlessly fascinating. Love your photos. Bet you found lots of inspiration there!

holly aka golly said...

Luanne: Yes, it was very inspiring!

ChowLee said...

Great pictures, nicely arranged and edited. Might we see you paint some entirely new animal species? Or some totally exotic bird and butterfly varieties?

holly aka golly said...

It's quite possible ChowLee! I fell in love with a little mouse deer and a couple of shrews.

Gracey said...

lucky girl! i always wanted to go to a bird specimens museum but the closets i got was to a small room with few local species in my country. :)

Birds and winged-creatures inspire me. Ps. I love your works!

holly aka golly said...

Gracey, thank you. I hope you can find a little natural history museum nearby.

luanne said...

Holly, just wanted to follow up & thank you for mentioning "The Rarest of the Rare" book here. I hadn't known of it before, but was able to get a copy via Amazon. It just arrived & looks fascinating. Thanks again!

holly aka golly said...

Luanne: I'm so glad you ordered the book!