Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grey Garden

grey garden
The withered and wilted have their own quiet beauty.
As much as I love color, I never tire of using grey.


Laura said...

I love grey too! You use it beautifully:) Congrats on your magazine cover-I have my HWB's framed in white as well:)

holly aka golly said...

Thank you dearest Laura! I think you love grey as much as I do. My LF's are all around me and they make me so happy!

Eva Marion said...

Nature is a beauty even in decay. Love that soothing colour palette.
Congrats on your coverage in the magazine!
Oh, and by the way, your insects arrived yesterday. They are beautiful and special. Thanks a lot!!!
Greetings from Germany!

holly aka golly said...

Eva Marion: I'm so glad your tiny insects arrived safely! I know they will have a happy home with you.