Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Cottage Garden | Redbud Tree

redbud leaves II
redbud pods
Sometimes I think the leaves are prettier than the flowers. 
We are off to DeBaggio's, a little family owned greenhouse, to pick up some herbs for the season.
I have long list of projects for the yard and the weekend is the perfect time to dig in. Pun intended.
Happy Saturday all! What do you have planned?
A big thank you to Amanda Soule aka Soule Mama
for featuring my Bluebirds and Honeybees fabric this week.
What a treat. I can't wait to see what she makes!


Kathleen Maunder said...

I tried to grow a redbud in our yard a few years ago but it wasn't happy (not enough sunlight). I wanted it specifically for those heart-shaped leaves! I would love to garden this weekend but it is 0 degrees right now. Where is spring? Not here. :)

holly aka golly said...

Kathleen: Our yard has dappled light and the worst soil ever! Maybe try a different spot? I don't remember the type of redbud this is, but the leaves stay red until summertime and then they turn green.

Sarah said...

oh, that takes me back! I grew up in the DC area and my family went to Debaggio's every year for basil plants. I'm glad to know of other customers!

holly aka golly said...

Sarah: Debaggio's is exactly the same and a truly wonderful nursery to support! Sadly, urban housing has sprung up all around what was probably farm land a short time ago. Nonetheless, their offerings are superb and they remain a best kept secret for those in the know.

luanne said...

Redbuds and DeBaggio's are two of the many things I miss about spring in Northern VA. It's sad that DeB's has been boxed in by suburban sprawl, when they had mostly open fields around them at first.

p.s. Their "Mabel Gray" scented geraniums are heavenly!

holly aka golly said...

Luanne: We live far enough West that urban sprawl hasn't reached us - but it creeps in on the edges. Thankfully, many gentleman farmers have placed land into conservation easement and the minimum land required for subdivision is quite high, not so the closer you drive East toward Washington. Thanks for the tip on the Mabel Gray's - I just love scented geraniums. A second trip is always necessary, possibly a third!