Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Golly Bard Wallpaper

 I have been obsessed with surface patterns for a very long time. 
Yes, I had a Laura Ashley phase in middle school too.
I wore her sun dresses and my bedroom was decorated with the Nutmeg Collection.
Wallpaper, drapery, bedding, lampshades, you name it, I had it all.
My room was very coordinated. Tres early eighties.

I looked into making my own line of wallpaper when I graduated from college as a printmaker. 
Screen printing was the only option at that time and it still is how most wallpapers are printed.
Even though I found a boutique printer, it was too costly to do a small run of custom wallpapers. 

Fast forward twenty years and I haven't let go of the idea. 
It has taken a while, but now with so much technology at our fingertips, 
with great services and resources like Spoonflower, it is all finally possible.
It's truly a dream come true for me. Take a peek if you have a chance!


Chow Lee said...

This is wonderful news Golly Bard! Your paintings and drawings are so well suited to many applications.

holly aka golly said...

thank you dear Chow!

D said...

You create pretty pretty things.

Poet Lady said...

Wonderful indeed! Beautiful work! I'll have to put some of these designs on my walls...

janet clare said...

I love your wallpaper designs! I hope they do really well for you.

holly aka golly said...

thank you!