Friday, January 4, 2013

A Winter Walk

mossy stones
frozen lichen
cavity nest
winter vines
old log
A winter walk. Baby, it's cold outside. Everything is frozen and grey.
I've been listening to A Very She & Him Christmas. It is, after all, still Christmas.
Regardless of these icy cold days, new ideas are starting to thaw for this new year ahead.
This is what January is all about.


Marian Hertzog said...

Now I want to go for a walk! Lovely photos!

Chow Lee said...

Great pictures luv!

Jess said...

Your pictures make me want to go for a walk in the woods. Lovely texture! xx

Sarah Melling said...

Every visit to your blog is a feast for the eyes. These photos have the same sublime sense of color and texture that I love in your paintings. I caught up on your other recent posts too, and may I just say that those Christmas cookies are exquisite. Thank you for providing the links to the recipes and those gorgeous molds...I've printed them out and tucked them away for next year! Happy new year to you and those adorable dogs!

Gabriela said...

I have a lot to learn from you!
Follow each other?

holly aka golly said...

Hope you are all enjoying these first days of the year! Warmest wishes to you all!

Gemma Mortlock said...

Happy New Year Holly! Your pictures are lovely it makes me want to crack out my walking boots and get out of the studio now for a walk. I will do this weekend, i have made a promise to myself.
May you have a prosperous and Happy New Year