Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Studio | Painting Away

My watercolor palette today. The days are starting to blur together.
I think I can safely say that I will be able to take a day off in two weeks!
There is much to do to finish all of my projects on time.
Two things are getting me through: Arnold Palmers (iced tea and lemonade)
and The Great Gatsby soundtrack (hip hop meets the roaring twenties).
I love movie soundtracks, however this one is so unlike me. It's loud. It's brash. It's awesome.
Sometimes I need something totally different to keep motivated!
Do you have particular work habbits that keep you going?


donna baker said...

I think change is good. But, having said that, I don't know if I'd change a thing if I were you. Your work is perfect as it is, though I know as an artist, sometimes the same gets boring. So, I've just talked myself out of it, go for it!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Can't work without a soundtrack going in my ears. Sometimes Sting. Sometimes Mumford & Sons. Sometimes Chris Botti. Sometimes Led Zepplin. Depends on the project but music is always a part of whatever I'm doing. I'll have to try that Great Gatsby soundtrack - sounds good!

holly aka golly said...

Donna: You are too kind. It just seems to be what works at this moment but I'm going to be addicted to sugar if I don't stop soon! :)

Giraffe: Me too and my musical tastes are so varied. This summer will forever be remembered as the gatsby summer. It's a little gangterish but so was jay gatsby :)

Bohlen said...

I discovered audio books lately. Before that i liked to switch the tv just to have company, i admit :-) Real nice work you do.

Madame Ziba said...

When I have to do stressful work I listen to:

It is very calming (for me)

bella said...

how funny that you mention keeping motivated today. Susan Cain, author of the book "Quiet" just posted on Facebook this site http://coffitivity.com/ where they are building upon some study that the optimal sound to work productively to is the sounds of a coffee shop. ha.

I am actually listening to it now along with my own music collection. The site says to keep your music volume just barely louder than the sounds of the coffee shop volume on their site.

All I know right now is it makes me want some coffee. ha.

holly aka golly said...

I'm intrigued. Certainly some new things to try!

Anonymous said...

Contrary to all of you, I work in silence. When I paint I am so focused that I forget where I am. I do not stand music in my studio. I like this way to work.
I wish you bon courgage.

Stubborn Dog Artwork said...

I love seeing your process - and hearing that I'm not the only one with days that sort of meld together! I'm a music person too, and I'm definitely listening to the same ones on repeat this summer. Mostly Civil Wars and Kopecky Family Band over here. I should send them thank you art. And I have been downing FAR too much coffee. An Arnold Palmer sounds wonderful, actually. Best of luck and wishing you a vacation day!

holly aka golly said...

Hélène: I can appreciate that. Sometimes I enjoy working in silence too. :)

Stubborn Dog: I have finally given up espresso. Too much made me jittery and my hands shake. Not good for painting. :) Have a lovely summer and enjoy your tunes.