Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fly South

Last weekend I was in Florida visiting dear my friends and artists, Marsha and Patrick.
Their house is painted a deep shade of purple. The yard is a crazy jumble of tropical foliage. 
Little treasures and bits of ephemera are scattered everywhere. I was particularly fond of this bird.
Inside the house is a wall to wall mix of bohemian pattern and color. 
Art and life are mingled seamlessly. There is not an inch for the eye to rest. 

Marsha just launched a line of patterns called Albanian Flower, so like her in every way.
She uses big, bold, tropical colors and abstract designs made from sections of her artwork.

 I love it. It's wild. Take a peek.


annamaria potamiti said...

Looks like a lovely visit. Love that bird too;-)

holly aka golly said...

It was wonderful! So nice to get away for a few days and visit old friends!

Lisa said...

Wow- her work is amazing. I'd love to have some chairs slipcovered in some of those fabrics.

holly aka golly said...

Lisa: Upholstery, pillows, slipcovers...the sky is the limit!