Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rainy Days

limelight hydrangea
oak leaf hydrangea
red veined sorrel
After a solid week of wet weather I admit I'm ready for a little sunshine.
This is coming from a girl who loves grey skies.
It does make everything lush and green, though. 
Clearly my cottage garden is happy. 
Plus, I can lounge around reading all day without an ounce of guilt!
After all, it is Sunday.


Estela said...

I love the shot of the puddle, wow!

dolores said...

We live in northern LoCo so I feel your gloominess!;)
Today we took a drive over to WV to get some apples and the fog dropped on us...couldn't stop for kettlecorn!

Serena Lewis said...

Gorgeous photos! We could sure use some rain here.

holly aka golly said...

Hi all! We really appreciate the rain. We truly needed a good soaking and well, the skies poured for us. That said, I'm so glad that today was a sunny day. Good way to start the week!

Brittan said...

I am with you on those wet/grey days!
Your photos are lovely, as per usual. I especially enjoy the one of your quaint cottage and the reflection in the puddle :)


holly aka golly said...

thanks, Brittan!

naomi said...

I'm in Tasmania, Australia and it's also been raining fairly constantly, we even had some snow!

Meanwhile there are bushfires in New South Wales - crazy!

That last pic of the portrait in the puddle is beautiful - the pebbles look golden.

holly aka golly said...

thank you, naomi!