Monday, January 13, 2014

Puppy Love

puppy love
These two characters are a bit distracting to say the least.
Can I still call Cowboy a puppy? He's nearly two and still very busy,
but his antics warm my heart. They really do.
Couch potato #adogslife
Birdie-licious has turned into quite a couch potato at three years old,
though she's the smartest and fastest dog we've ever had.
She loves nothing more than to be warm and cozy and 
wrapped up in a blanket after a run in the field.
She's had her share of ups and downs as a rescued puppy,
but to know her is to love her.


Carol said...

Sweet puppies!

Cindy Packard said...

Rescue BCs are great! We have two from Glen Highland Farm, Sweet Border Collie Rescue in upstate NY.

holly aka golly said...

Carol: thank you!

Cindy: They sure are! Birdie is a mix of all kinds and she is mostly very hound-like in her behavior. She loves to chase and loves to sniff everything!

Lori P said...

Adorable. I love seeing a pup on his back on a sofa - the height of comfort and relaxation.

Olivia said...

Awww, that made my heart happy. Puppies sure do have a way haven't they?

Jayne said...

Adorable members of your family, they bring such joy. x

holly aka golly said...

Lori: I've given up on the sofa with this pair!

Olivia: They sure do!

Jayne: Thank you! They do. I couldn't imaging life without them!

My name is Erika. said...

Great photos of such a happy pup.

Brittan said...

I know that feeling of distraction (I have 3!) and YES, you can still call Cowboy a puppy... My Veda is 12 and I STILL call her a puppy ;)
I can't remember, is Birdie (LOVE that name, btw) a BC mix? Our newest pup, Margi, has a similar look and we aren't quite sure whether she is part BC, Aussie, or Heeler...
Anyway, your pups are SUPER cute!!!


holly aka golly said...

Brittan: Yes, Birdie is a BC mix, probably with hound, maybe pincher or terrier too. We'll never know for sure. She's mostly hound like in her behavior. Cowboy is a BC.