Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Morning

Morning all!
Yup, that's me! Bundling up for a very cold walk with Birdie and Cowboy. 
It's a frosty one. The field is frozen but beautiful nonetheless. Brrrr.
20 degrees
It's quite chilly outside. Maybe twenty degrees. 
earl and Eva
Warming up après walk with a little earl and Eva.  Love, love, love Eva Hesse!
And now I'm off to the studio to paint!
Hope you're staying warm!


Joanne S said...

What is the book title? I, too, love Eva.

holly aka golly said...

Eva Hess Sculpture from the Jewish Museum.

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty!! You come from good stock!
Von G

Reifyn said...

That frozen field looks like those sticks they used to have in penny-candy stores that had rock-sugar crystals along it (did you ever eat those?).
You do look rather like that profile drawing after all. It must be cold there. You're so fortunate to have a real winter. It's hot in the SW: terrible. I will move to a cold climate at the end of summer for sure. I've had enough of this blazing sun and hot 300+ days a year.

Unknown said...

Snow and iced in here in Atlanta. I'll take the blazing hot sun!

Brittan said...

Love all these photos! Always nice to see the smiling face of such a talented artist, also! ;)

HOpe you are enjoying winter!


holly aka golly said...

Von Grief: You are too kind, Dad! xo

Reifyn: Yes, I remember growing rock candy crystals in 6th grade science class.

Maureen: we just had a lot of freezing rain and ice a few weeks ago. It's so dangerous. Be safe.

Brittan: thank you! I do like winter but I have to admit that I am ready for spring now!

Esther said...

wow, it's strange, because I've never seen a photo of you, but I have admired your artwork for a long time..You have a very pleasant face, sort of eastern european looking.