Monday, March 3, 2014

Signs of Spring

A bunch of tulips
I'm banishing winter away with a bunch of tulips.
Yesterday was so promising with little signs of spring outside.
And then the snow started falling last night. One more storm. 
Twig typography
Looking ahead to warmer days, I'm finally getting to work on a little series 
that I've been thinking about for over a year. Twig typography!
I love, love, love type and fonts and hope you do too.
I'm nearly half way through the alphabet and 
I can't wait to see all of the letters assembled together!


dolores said...

Ack! Before I even read the post I was thinking that would be a fantastic letter "B"!:)

joanne said...

What a wonderful idea!
Twig-typography :)

Olivia said...

That is truly inspired! I look forward to seeing the entire set!

Doda said...

Love the Letter! Look forward to seeing the rest of the alphabet!

holly aka golly said...

Thanks all! I'm really happy with how they are coming together!

Estela said...

Can't wait to see more! I can't believe spring is right around the corner! Thanks for the sneak peak at color, it's still pretty brown in my corner of the world.

bella said...

Oh My. I love it. I am also a typography lover and I can not wait to see the complete set because this one is amazing.

holly aka golly said...

I'm working on Q, R & S! I'll keep you posted.

Hastypearl said...

I don't think I remember more Nation Wide ANTICPATION for spring in a very long time! Even in south central Texas...we are tired! Little signs are all around...:) Laura

Jayne said...

look forward to seeing all of your letters. Spring has arrived in the north east too. I love a vase of flopped tulips - especially the parrot ones so raggedy x