Friday, April 18, 2014

Collecting Nature

collecting nature III
I'm a gatherer, what can I say?
Nests, milkweed pods, feathers, black walnut shells, bark.
collecting nature II
I haven't made a nest painting in a long while and I was inspired
by these found bits of nature that  I have collected.
collecting nature IV
I have to pick things up and look at them, don't you?
collecting nature
I decided to try something a little different. It's a subtle change and I hope you like it.
Take a peek if you have a chance: Mossy Nest No. 55
collecting nature V
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


dolores said...

That is just, love,love!:)

holly aka golly said...

Dolores: thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jayne said...

We need look no further than nature for our inspiration, such a lovely collection of treasures.

holly aka golly said...

Jayne: so true!

Karen Provost said...

I especially like this nest #55, but I like all your work, even bought the gardening book you illustrated so I can look at it all the time. I went on your Etsy site to look at this painting but it's not there. Will you offer a print of it? Thanks.

holly aka golly said...

Karen: Thank you! The orginial sold. I haven't decided yet if I will offer this one as a print!