Saturday, August 23, 2014

Enormous Tiny Art Show: Autumn

 Parthenice Tiger Moth
 Anna Tiger Moth
 Arge Tiger Moth
 Great Tiger Moth
 Virginia Ctenucha Tiger Moth
St Lawrence Tiger Moth
Packing up my paintings for ETA
Six tiger moths flew up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire 
for the Enormous Tiny Art Show opening September 5th at Nahcotta Gallery. 
All of my watercolor paintings for the show are available now 
on the ETA website andteeny tiny surprise is on the back 
of each painting for GB collectors! 


dolores said...

Aren't you sneaky?:)
Congrats on the art show.

Abigail said...

Such lovely pieces! I saw them this past weekend at Nahcotta and they're all so wonderfully detailed.

Ellen said...

I was just in Portsmouth last weekend and saw your paintings and they are lovely! I want one badly - need to go back this weekend to look again. Gorgeous.

holly aka golly said...

Ellen: Thank you so much! You are too kind!