Monday, February 2, 2015

Making Plans

Birds are very distracting when I am trying to work. 🐦
I'm working on roughs for a fun illustration project.
I can't live without my kneaded eraser!
Making plans.
I really do enjoy drawing. Illustration projects often require a bit more planning.
Piecing some ideas together. ✂️
I rarely draw out ideas in advance of a painting when I'm painting for myself.
Working on roughs for a fun illustration project.
Sometimes it's fun to work differently, play with new ideas,
and change up my routine just a little bit!


Reifyn said...

Love the kneaded eraser bird, complete with graphite feathers. I'll have to try that sometime.
And a peacock: my favourite. Maybe I'll try and make an eraser peacock...

Maga said...

love that leaves

mamãju said...

Promissing studies! Always love to watch your lines and colours!

Carmelina Lounsbury said...

i'm thrilled to have found your blog...and etsy shop, which i'll visit in a minute.
always a pleasure to meet a fellow artist.

carmelina lounsbury