Monday, June 8, 2015

Drawn to Nature

Cover Drawn to Nature journal
I'm so excited to share some news with you…
Last year I licensed my work for a nature sketchbook and journal.
It's filled with new images and favorites from the GB archive.

Inside Drawn to Nature
Drawn to Nature encourages you to take a closer look at the natural world around you. 
Each journal includes a pencil and plenty of space for you to write and draw.
My favorite part is a pocket filled with envelopes and stickers 
for gathering things you find.

Forest and trees
You can pre-order Drawn to Nature on Amazon now. 
It will be in stock in early July in the USA and later in July for Amazon UK.
Do check with your local booksellers as well!


Vickie said...

wow, how awesome!

dolores said...

Awesome sauce!! Will you have copies that we can purchase from you and get an autograph?:)

Unknown said...

I can't wait to own a copy of my own, Holly! Thank you so much for adding so much beauty into our world!

joanieART said...

I have admired your work for years, Holly. You must be so excited...what an accomplishment. Your work is gorgeous, and my goodness, that book!!! Congratulations!

donna baker said...

Such a beautiful book Holly.

holly aka golly said...

Thank you all so much. It's been a treat to see my work in a different format and context. I hope you like it!

Unknown said...

So exciting. Congrats!

Hastypearl said...

What an amazing accomplishment, Holly. Well deserved. This is a beautiful project and of course, so beautifully interactive. So proud of you! Laura