Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not A Sparrow

Yesterday on our morning walk,
Lulu and I heard the flapping of wings.

We thought it was an injured bird.
It was certainly big enough.

It was a giant silkworm moth with a torn wing.
Polyphemus moths are in the same family as the luna moth
A beautiful, rusty brown specimen.

They only live for one week.
Nature can be so cruel.


Laura said...

it is like a pinprick to my heart to see these pictures. we had a lunar moth park itself on our porch for the duration of its life. i took it as great sign of luck. beautiful creatures. thanks for sharing.

holly aka golly said...

Laura, it was a tragic. Poor little creature. I feel lucky to have found it, though.

Safi Crafts said...

How beautiful. How sad. Nature is so often this way.

holly aka golly said...

Jean, so true. Thank you for stopping in.

Maldito Columpio said...

:( must be very impressive to see a buterfly that big suffering and dying... so beautiful and so ephemeral.
It's a male for sure and I think it's a Saturnidae... i think.

holly aka golly said...

Hi Maldito! so glad you stopped in with more information! I tried to identify it. There are so many moths in that family, that I can't be sure. it was at least six inches and had beautiful, wide, fern-like antannae, the "eyes" were black and small.