Saturday, September 26, 2009

Death Threats

Another day. Another walk. Another death threat.

As if the walnuts were not bad enough,
monkey brains are dropping from the sky.
Also known as Osage Oranges, these huge, meaty seeds
are the size of a softball and weigh a ton.
As far as I'm concerned, one strike and you're out!
There's no chance of survival. I fear the worst.
Will I have to wear a helmet? A frightening thought.
It's certainly not an attractive fruit and it's not even edible.
However, it might have one redeeming quality.
Osage Oranges are supposed to act as an insect repellent.
I could be saved from a few mosquito bites.
Click on the image for a larger view.


Hajnalka Cserh√°ti, Ojni said...

I can imagine the draws taht you will make! Hmmm.. it's a very good inspiration! :) Take car!

Mekeel McBride said...

I really, really love your sense of humor! And I've seen those monkey brains. They are spooky for sure!

holly aka golly said...

Hello Ojni! You are so sweet! thank you for visiting!

Mekeel, Thank you! I was thinking of putting them in jars of water for Halloween. With a little food coloring they will really look like brains!

pRiyA said...

so that's what it is! a monkey brain. goodness! it does have a bizarre beauty to it though, reminds me of some of the contemporary art one sees now and then.

Safi Crafts said...

These are amazing! What wonderful photos.

Laura said...

be careful! thanks for sharing these- where i grew up in the midwest we called them hedgeapples. i do like the color!

holly aka golly said...

Priya, yes the osage orange is rather unique looking and strangely beautiful.

Jean, thank you for your kind words!

Laura, hedgeapples is a much nicer nickname!

cindy shake said...

Holy Cow those are huge! What wonderful texture!

holly aka golly said...

Cindy, Holy cow is right! Thank you for stopping by!