Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I risked my life to take these photos.
Walking near a black walnut tree 
at this time of year is simply courting disaster.
The heavy nuts drop to the ground with a great big thud.
Hundreds more loom above.

Every time I walk by this tree I imagine my death.
 People will ask how I died. 
My husband will have to say I was killed by a nut.
No, not a crazy person, a giant tree nut. Pummeled.
This isn't the way I want to make my exit.
I'll walk faster next time.


Laura said...

next time run! we don't want to lose you to some nut!

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

ah ha....I agree. Nuts taken out by nuts. Oh nuts!

Holly said...

Indeed! Thank you for dropping by!

Unknown said...

My mom's chestnut tree has vicious squirrels in it .... Throwing the nuts down at people and dogs. Killed by a nut throwing squirrel :)

Holly said...

Too funny Kimmie!