Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tally Ho

While hunters and hounds were scampering about the countryside,
guess who poked his head out of the woods?
As if to say in silent mockery, 
"Catch me if you can."


Laura said...

what a scene from the past-english drawing room prints come to life...lovely photos, holly.

cindy shake said...

The photos are lovely. For the longest time I didn't realize that all of those hunters and dogs actually were hunting a real fox! I thought it was just sport riding. I'm always for the poor fox but I think most times he's outnumbered!

holly aka golly said...

Hello Laura, It IS a hunt scene come to life.

Hello Cindy, I think it is mostly the thrill of the chase, at least in the North American tradition. The fox is much too smart for those hounds, anyway! It is very exciting to hear the huntsman's horn and see the sport in action - if only for a fleeting moment.