Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

dog days of summer
Birdie on the bow.

dog days of summer no. 3
Birdie can fly!

dog days of summer no. 4
Birdie lapping it up!

dog days of summer no. 7
The dog days of summer are here!
We have just returned from Camp Wah Wah Taysee.
It was hot, hot, hot, but the lake was very refreshing and
it was great to get away and visit with family.


Specter said...

Next time you go, be sure to open the windows just a bit when you turn onto the lake road, Birdie will be so excited to smell the lake!

LULU said...

Next time you go, make sure Birdie gets a snitch of bacon in the kitchen! Specter and I think Birdie is a grand dog and deserves more treats.

belinda marshall said...

super gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Birdie is such a cute dog and very brave that she stand on the bow!
Please send us a bit of your sunshine!! We need it desperately.

holly aka golly said...

thanks all! She's a funny girl! Maybe she'll get a little bacon some day ; )

vivienne strauss said...

Birdie is just so darn photogenic! What a fun time :)