Friday, July 15, 2011

Hup Hup

birdie and big round bales
We need only say "hup hup" and Ladybird jumps like a gazelle, so fleet of foot.

birdie and big round bales 2
We have our own little agility course right here in the field.

birdie and big round bales 3
She just loves the big round bales!

birdie and big round bales 6
More fun shots of Birdie on flickr.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

fabulous pictures
even more fabulous dog!

Specter said...

Wow. . .that looks like fun. . .wish I had those bales around me during my younger years.

holly aka golly said...

Julie: Thank you! Birdie's such an agile creature!

Specter: You too were fleet of foot when you were a young pup!

Karen L R said...

what a pup!

Kate Kelleher said...

wow love these pictures x

holly aka golly said...

thanks all!