Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Little Bigger

cowboy a little bigger
cowboy and birdie being still for a minute
Cowboy is growing every day, but he's still a tiny little creature.
He is the sweetest little guy and is a super fast learner.
 Birdie tolerates quite a bit of his puppy antics including those very sharp milk teeth of his.
She loves him like a true older sister would: playing, taunting, chasing, scrumming over toys, 
more chasing, more scrumming, sleeping, and starting all over again.
More pictures on flickr.


artist said...

Looks to me like Cowboy is a pretty lucky little guy.

He's even sittin' in clover!

Carol said...

Just adorable!

lamina@do a bit said...

Talk about totally cute! Puppies are just too much fun! :)

holly aka golly said...

artist: he's truly in the clover!

carol: he's such a love bug.

lamina: he's so lovable and biddable.

DJ said...

Wow! They're both so cute! Are they both border collies? I've never seen a short haired one.
I've always loved the breed. I have a border collie/husky mix, he's the best. :)

Lisa said...

Goodness...just discovered your blog and gasped with delight at that little fuzzy puppers! I love border collies...really, all the herding breeds. What fun! :)

woolies said...

omigosh, so sweet!

holly aka golly said...

DJ: Birdie (the elder) is a border collie mix, probably with a little hound and a sprinkle of a few other breeds, however there are border collies with short coats, but you don't see them as often. Cowboy is pure border collie.

Lisa: we love do love our dogs!

Woolies: thank you so much!

Kathi Roussel said...

oh my oh my oh my oh !! cowboy and birdie make such an adorably sweet pair. heart squeezing!! hope you're having fun being a new mom!

holly aka golly said...

Kathi: we're having too much fun. It's a little hard to get work done with these two!