Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Studio | Outside My Window

studio: boxwood topiary bird
A few months back I moved my studio from the "big" church into the little building, 
better known as the congregation hall, where I share a space with the owners: 
interior designer, Wanda Crossley and artist and illustrator, Kevin Chadwick,
of Matthews House and Garden. The church is now an antique shop.

studio: front view
Wanda has created such pretty little gardens around the buildings and
Kevin is truly Edward Scissor Hands with the clippers and pruning shears. 
He has shaped all of the boxwood into beautiful topiary and pleached the trees in the gardens.

studio: little garden
A pretty side view of the little garden looking toward the church.
Four meyeri lilacs surround the beautiful boxwood bird centerpiece, 
which is under planted with succulents and dwarf variegated boxwoods.

studio: meyeri lilac standards
The meyeri lilac standards just finished blooming. They have the tiniest florets and are so fragrant.

studio: triple ball boxwood topiaries
Triple ball boxwood topiaries line the side entrance.
It's a lovely place to work and I will certainly let you know if
I ever host a little open studio or offer a workshop.


artist said...

What a beautiful studio space.

You are three very talented people.

If I ever find myself in Virginia that would be a great place to see. My friend and fellow artist lives in Dublin, Virginia.

Flotsam said...

Those gardens have a little touch of magic about them; just right for artistic inspiration.

holly aka golly said...

Artist & Bella: It is an inspiration, for sure!

annamaria potamiti said...

What a beautiful place to create your gorgeous watercolors!Just perfect:)

holly aka golly said...

Annamaria: thank you! I'm so lucky and it's so close to home too.

cleo said...

i just saw some of your fabric on soulemamas blog. beautiful! i love your designs.

holly aka golly said...

Cleo: Thank you! More fabric designs coming soon on my Spoonflower shop page.