Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Excessively Diverted

I love, love, love making my own juice.
This is pear, cucumber, mint juice. Very refreshing!
The Big Book of Juices has great recipes.
Such a healthy way to start the day.
I'm excessively diverted by the story of outsider artist, Jamed Edward Deeds, Jr.
I found his drawings while madly pinning on Pinterest.
You have to take a look at his work. You must!
I just finished reading Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs.
I laughed so hard. I love his sardonic style of humor, but I warn you, 
he says things that shouldn't be said out loud.


S said...

I love love love this photograph ! so green and fresh ! And you are such a talented artist. Its nice to meet you through your blog.
take care,

holly aka golly said...

La Dolce Vita: Thank you kindly! So glad you stopped by.

annamaria potamiti said...

Oh yes, I repined! Such original work;)
Thank you for the introduction.xx

holly aka golly said...

Annamaria: Isn't his story so compelling? The art lost by the family, then found decades later, artist identified, his sad life revealed. The art is so pure.

Kelly McMichael said...

The Deed's drawings and stories have made me so sad. I want to go hug that boy and find some other path for him. I want to know more. Was he autistic? ADHD? Something that today would be treated differently? Thanks for sharing this--

holly aka golly said...

Kelly: I know, it does make you wonder. Did you watch the video with the family interviews?

Louise said...

I'm a juice fiend too! Mine is kale and cucumber, bitter and powerful! A great start to the day for sure. Loving your work! :)

holly aka golly said...

Louise: that sounds like a get up and go juice! I have a little bit of a need for sweet and two of my favorite combinations:


Louise said...

I love the pineapple and kale combination, but I find I just end up wanting sweet things all day. I avoid fruit at the moment until I stabilise. Jason Vale has some great recipes! I've made myself physically sick with juicing, I have learned to be responsible. Too many greens or not rotating them can be disastrous! ;) Nice to find another raw juicer. :)

kelly McMichael said...

yes, I did watch the video with the family interviews. So much seemed to be hiding there between the lines. Just nosy on my part but I have an 18 year old with ADHD/ODD (ODD is oppositional defiance disorder. ) He can be a real bear to live with at times because of this. He argues about everything and is always willing to fight. He's super smart, though, and has learned to somewhat control this side. But I know that in a different situation with different people, that kind of personality could lead to some real physical conflict, especially if the parent had the same brain-ordering. Anyways, my imagination just took off thinking about such scenarios.

I know autism and ADHD/ODD were not as common in the past and are on the rise today so maybe I'm off here but they are on the same spectrum and it kinda sounded like this guy. Smart but not able to function and get along with everyone else. Not mentally retarded, per se, but problematic.

You'd have to get in and access his records at the institution to attempt a diagnosis. Those records don't even likely exist anymore. So many have been lost or burned.

And does it even matter? No--just my speculation, attempting to compare how we treat people who function a little differently from the norm today as compared with in the past.

holly aka golly said...

Louise: I will look up the Vale recipes and try to vary my recipes and ingredients.

Kelly: I think you are onto something for sure. My heart goes out to you and all of the parents who have children with autism and ADHD and ODD. I can't imagine the challenges you have faced. Thankfully we live in a time of growing awareness and there are greater opportunities for understanding and care. Your son is so lucky to have your support. The people of James Deeds's generation, who were different in any way, were sadly ostracized by their families and society and very often placed in residential institutions for life. What is so unique about his work is that he created a portrait of his life and gave us a window into his experience.

Kelly McMichael said...

so true! It was so sad about the ECT showing up in the work. So many potential messages there, cries for help? For recognition of humanity? Oh, this leads to endless speculation.

AG International said...

Tomato Cuke Celery Sea Salt

or also try this variation of the Pineapple Kale recipe

Kale, Romaine, green apple, cilantro, lime

Certfied organic makes all the difference

holly aka golly said...

AG : You're the one who started it all!
I lurve my new form of "cooking" he he.
I hope to see you soon dear friend.

Hannah Nunn said...

Oooh you've inspired me. That juice sounds delicious. I have lots of mint in the yard, one pear in the fruit bowl and half a cucumber. Will give it a go!