Friday, May 2, 2014

Teeny Tiny Paintings

May flies and wasps and moths.
New miniature watercolor paintings available in my shop!
Some things that fly.
Fanciful flies, wasps and moths and I'm working on a few bees so stay tuned!
Teeny tiny ladybirds
Teeny Tiny ladybirds for all of my customers who collect original paintings.
I am ever grateful to all who support my work!


dolores said...

These are truly gorgeous....they all have such personalities! Heading to your store!!!:)

ronnie said...

stunning --- I'm having a moment of teeny tiny insect lust right now

holly aka golly said...

Thanks, Dolores!

holly aka golly said...

Ronnie: you are too kind! Finished two cicadas and bees are on the way!

Unknown said...

I love all your work! Unfortunately customs and excise start crucifying you for buying anything over £15 from abroad... or I'd have every one of your prints

holly aka golly said...

Debbie: I understand. The import duty or VAT tax varies by destination country. I found this handy calculator which gives an estimate of what you may be charged: