Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Golly's Cookie Factory

biedermeier houses
My cookie factory in full swing this week!
Pressing biedermeier houses with my molds from House on the Hill.

speculaas ready to bake
Speculaas pressed and drying before baking. Recipe from House on the Hill.

hazelnut checkerboards
Hazelnut Checkerboards are simply deelish. Recipe from Joy of Baking.

Tis the season. Walnut cookies.
Walnut Cookies are one of my favorites. Recipe form Martha Stewart.

Springerle cookies are just so beautiful. 
I love my new lady gardener. She fits in perfectly with the bees.
Recipe and molds from House on the Hill.
I wish you all joy and happiness!
Merry Merry!


dolores said...

And Merry! Merry! to you too! Love those cookie molds....now I have to go explore that site!:)

nadine paduart said...

thank you. and i have once again forgotten to order those cutters.... luckily i can come drool over 'em here. merry x-mas, nadine♥

Reifyn said...

I remember your cookies from last year. These must take forever. I'm thinking those checkerboard cookies would be good if made into a really large one that it would be possible to play chess or checkers on. With cookie pieces of course.

Vickie said...

they all look amazing! hope you had an awesome Christmas :)