Sunday, March 22, 2009

Curious Picnic

It's hard to believe that spring is here.
Spring heralds the steeplechase season in our area.
With the spring races come the requisite tailgate picnics.
The tailgate picnic is the most curious mix of food,
flowers, feathers and taxidermy that you will ever find. 
I thought this fox centerpiece an excellent 
example of this unique style 
of table setting!


Rocky said...

This is both great looking and awful at the same time.

Golly said...

It is quite bizarre. I think I would lose my appetite with the squirrel's tail hanging so dangerously close to the food!

didiermaurice said...

I did't knew that foxes had a picnic... I can imagine that foxes brush their teeth, yes. But a picnic, strange?