Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have been making handmade paper for twenty years. 
I love mixing the palette of paper pulp; it's one part science, 
one part cooking! Last week I had the opportunity to work at an incredible 
private papermaking studio in Sedona. We prepared cotton and abaca 
fiber for paper casting and pulp painting. The paper is cast in a large 
vacuum table that is filled with water to suspend the pulp. An artist can cast 
thick, dimensional paper pieces that are very sculptural. Using squeeze 
bottles filled with pigmented, overbeaten pulp fiber, an artist can pulp 
paint and draw images and designs with paper! It is so much 
fun and the possibilities are endless! To get started visit 


woolies said...

I have always wanted to make paper. And you were in Sedona?? I'm in Tucson....

Anonymous said...

How interesting and how beautiful...I love handmade papers.