Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grey Skies

It's a grey day today. This kind of weather suits me.
Sometimes the sun is simply too bright. Too cup half full.
I must sheepishly admit that I love the Jimmy Dean sausage 
commercials, which brilliantly capture the personalities of the weather.
The commercials "star" the sun, who is so hopeful and full of light.
It's all in a days work for the sun as he cheerfully tries to fix the moon, 
bring color back to the rainbow, and calmly talk to the storm.
I love the steadfast energy and eternal optimism of the sun.
However, I'm sort of with the storm clouds and grey skies.
Drippy, cold and wet.


Anonymous said...

I love sausages! Nice picture too.

Anonymous said...

Your honesty is pure sunshine!

Iris said...

Holly, I just saw those paintings on the Etsy frontpage! I just love them!